Hey ladiiieeeesssss„„

Hey you women in comics types, a book you should support:

"Think of your favorite intergalactic saga. Now switch the sexes of all the characters, so Lieutenant Uhura and Prince Leia are the only guys. Now proceed with the action. In Starstruck, women are matriarchs and fighter pilots, ships’ captains and rebellion leaders, the makers of sexbots and the rebels without a cause, the religious leaders and the corporate vultures, the conniving and the hapless. Now raise your hand if you read the preceding paragraph and imagined that Starstruck must be either a campy sci-fi gender parody or a didactic exploration of how things would be different if women were in charge of the galaxy. The fact that it is not remotely either of these things is one of writer Elaine Lee’s greatest accomplishments. She pulls off the coup, engineers the genre sex-change, without our even noticing. She realized that she didn’t need to do much more than change who got the close-up; instead of Luke Skywalker, it’s the pilot of the fighter off to his left, who actually turns out to be the important one. Lee’s characters have long been there in science fiction; she simply makes them the protagonists and extrapolates from there. Starstruck’s feminism is both as invisible and as pervasive as air, and therefore an accomplishment in its own right.


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