“Hello, Cartoonist Here" by Jennifer Cruté
This is the best.


Hello, Cartoonist Here" by Jennifer Cruté

This is the best.

The Two Faces of Dr. Stevie

Why outrage sells


A year ago, Miley Cyrus, a 20-year-old pop star with the body of a teenaged boy, came onto the VMAs in a skimpy outfit, rubbed herself against butts and crotches and became the lightning rod for every discussion of sexual and racial tropes in pop culture for the next month. 


This year, Beyoncé, a singer, dancer, mother and wife, came out and gave a career defining performance while proclaiming herself a feminist and quoting feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on how society restricts girls thinking while still showing she loved her family. 

According to Google, which do you think got more attention?

Must try harder. 


I want to go curl up in a hole, but I feel like it’s my responsibility to address some things first (some are more important that others):

  • I work on Adventure Time, not Clarence.
  • I’m a storyboard revisionist, not a storyboard artist.
  • I did not personally act to get Skyler fired. Cartoon…

Fake Geek Guys


So darrylayo and I were reading a thing that doesn’t merit linking to, where some presumably white men were talking about why Johnny Storm “can’t be black.”

And they were doing the typical geek cred posturing and shit but I think the best comments of all were:

"You can’t have a Hulk that isn’t green."

"Captain America can’t be black because the government would never have allowed a black man into the super soldier program." 


aganej2: What would you describe as the most influential event in your journalism career?

Probably when I was a kid and working on the Amazing Heroes Preview Special while living in a tent. I would record my interviews on a little handheld cassette recorder (which I still own) at a pay phone which mysteriously made free long distance calls if you knew the secret. Then I would type them up on a small portable manual typewriter, fix the mistake with whiteout, and mail them in an envelope with postage to my editor, Mark Waid. 

I figured if I could do that, I could do anything. 

It has all been uphill since then. 

Anonymous: Do you still follow MMA / pro wrestling at all? Would love to see more MMA writing like in the past.

I follow MMA but not religiously and I’m looking forward to the next all-female TUF. 

I gave up on wrestling after the rash of deaths including Benoit. Sometimes I glance past RAW and I’m completely flummoxed by who is still on the show. I feel like my love affair with wrestling ran its course.  

James jean

James jean

Scott Musgrove @juxtapozmag @jonathanlevine

Scott Musgrove @juxtapozmag @jonathanlevine

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